ARGE SYNTH 150 tabs

ARGE Synth Arginine & Ornithine Farmaenergy is a supplement made of pharmaceutical pure Arginine and Ornithine with the addition of vitamin B6.



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ARGE Synth Arginine & Ornithine Farmaenergy is a supplement made of pharmaceutical pure Arginine and Ornithine with the addition of vitamin B6. It is useful in all cases of increased dietary need or low calories intake.

Several studies have analyze the consumption of these amino acids with the pituitary secretion of the growth hormone concluding that the intake of these elements stimulates protein synthesis and supports the fat deposit burning. Particularly indicated in low-calories diet, recovery and asthenia periods for its tonic and immunostimulating properties, the use of this plastic substrate can also be useful in terms of muscle definition in bodybuilding.



Now let's see which ingredients make up this supplement and how it can help in terms of well-being and physical performance:


  • L-Arginine, a creatine and nitric oxide (NO) precursor amino acid which is able to improve muscle pump while acting as an important energy substrate. The nitric oxide is a gaseous compound that human body releases naturally in case of an excessive blood pressure increase. It holds vasodilating properties and increases the tissues blood flow causing higher quantities of plastic and energy nutrients.

The correlation between this mechanism and the sport performance is explained by the catalyzing of ATP and protein synthesis which promote the ergogenic effect and the hypertrophic thrust. It should be remembered that this ingredient can be also exploited as a natural precursor of GH, an anabolic and lipolytic hormone that is able to mediate the fat degradation and to increase the lean tissue, making the new proteins synthesis much more efficient.


  • L- Ornithine, it is considered by many athletes as the best amino acid ever because of its powerful nutritional support in athletic performances and in wounds and traumas resolution. The main mechanism of this nutrient concerns the urea cycle, that is a complex of biochemical reactions that determine the elimination of ammonia, a substance particularly toxic for the body. In relation to sports, the intake of this element at high doses, from 2 to 6g per day, can reduce the sensation of fatigue in healthy subjects after physical exertions. Being also a precursor of arginine, it can increase the nitric oxide release.


The combined consumption of these two elements represents a recent innovation in the field of athlete's food supplementation. This synergy promote in fact the optimization of the somatotropin hormone physiological synthesis, with consequent positive results in terms of:


  • optimization of physical recovery;

  • increased hypertrophy;

  • reduction of adipose tissue;

  • immune defenses support;

  • anti-aging action.

We also remember you that the post-workout intake of this plastic substrate can perform a direct action on the post training metabolic recovery due to the detoxifying power that these two molecules have in respect of nitrogenous groups oroduced by the AMP (adenosine-mono-phosphate) catabolism.  



Farmaenergy recommends taking 4 capsules a day with plenty of water on an empty stomach before going to bed.


Nutritional Facts
81 g - 150 compresse  
Servings per container: 18 Serving Size: 8 cpr (4,32g)
Active Ingredients % Daily Value
L-Arginina 3,12g
L-Ornitina 0,96g
Vitamina B64mg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other ingredients: L-Arginina, L-Ornitina, Piridossina hcl.
Istructions: Si consiglia l'assunzione di 8 compresse al giorno, suddivise in due o più dosi, con un abbondante bicchiere d'acqua. Non eccedere la dose consigliata.
Warnings: Non superare le dosi giornaliere consigliate. Tenere al di fuori dalla portata dei bambini al di sotto dei tre anni. Non assumere in gravidanza e nei bambini o comunque per periodi prolungati senza sentire il parere del medico. Gli integratori alimentari non vanno intesi come sostituti di una dieta variata ed equilibrata. Ricordiamo l’importanza di seguire uno stile di vita sano e un’alimentazione variata ed equilibrata. Conservare in luogo fresco ed asciutto. Richiudere accuratamente la confezione dopo l'uso.



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ARGE SYNTH 150 tabs

ARGE SYNTH 150 tabs

ARGE Synth Arginine & Ornithine Farmaenergy is a supplement made of pharmaceutical pure Arginine and Ornithine with the addition of vitamin B6.

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