Easy Snack 10 Energy Bar 40 gr

Easy Snack bar is a delicious protein energy bar covered with dark chocolate, with a high biological value

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Easy Snack bar is a delicious protein energy bar covered with dark chocolate, with a high biological value

One of the flagship products of the program designed by Farmaenergy called "Easyslim", a program aimed at maintaining weight and designed to assist the body's natural processes that occur during low calorie diets for weight loss (lipolysis) . We are talking about a natural snack, devoid of preservatives and sweeteners, tasty and delicious on the palate, covered with a layer of high quality dark chocolate and available in delicious cocoa, hazelnut and coconut flavors in packs of 10 single bars ready to use.


Completely free of preservatives and dyes, this protein snack represents the best of the Italian industry. Taste and digestibility are the peculiarities that distinguish it, it is ideal to enrich the amount of "clean" calories in the main meals, or as a meal replacement snack, and is also indicated as a support in all situations of sports fatigue and stress. There are several proposals of the same type on the market that define themselves as "more technical", but pay attention to the ingredients. This bar follows for years the athletes who have ventured into the most extreme situation, such as the climb of the famous Mount K2 or the ocean crossings on a sailboat.

Let's now go into the product specifications, going to look at the ingredients, and therefore their characteristics, that make this protein snack a "must" for years:

  • milk proteins, always considered among the best protein sources in circulation because of their biological value and bioavailability; they are rich in essential and branched amino acids in particular, the bricks that make up our muscles;
  • brewer's yeast, naturally rich in proteins of high biological value and B vitamins, is also an excellent source of minerals including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and selenium, micronutrients that attribute remineralizing and contrasting properties to states of asthenia;
  • acerola, a red fruit that turns out to be the third best natural source of vitamin C known today. It has an antioxidant function able to counteract the overproduction of free radicals, small but very reactive molecules that bind to compounds such as DNA, proteins and fats, and denature their natural functions to cause premature aging of the tissues;
  • wheat germ, a food that contains insoluble fibers, good for intestinal health, B vitamins, mineral salts, "good" fats and vitamin E, another powerful micronutrient with antioxidant action.

Nutritional Facts
40g Gusto Cacao
Servings per container: 10Serving Size: 1 barretta (40g)
Active Ingredients % Daily Value
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other ingredients: Sciroppo di glucosio, destrine da mais, proteine del latte, lievito di birra, germe di crano, acerola, cioccolato fondente (copertura), cacao magro (per aroma cacao).
Istructions: 1 baretta al dì come snack tra i pasti principali. Mantenere un adeguato stato di idratazione
Warnings: Allergeni: contiene latte e soia.


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Easy Snack 10 Energy Bar 40 gr

Easy Snack 10 Energy Bar 40 gr

Easy Snack bar is a delicious protein energy bar covered with dark chocolate, with a high biological value

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