ATP FORCE 2.0 Powder 300g

Farmaenergy ATP Force 2.0 is a food supplement powder based on energizing and ergogenic ingredients. It is particularly indicated to take it before the workout, as it can rapidly increase the energy availability levels.

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Farmaenergy ATP Force 2.0 is a food supplement powder based on energizing and ergogenic ingredients. It is particularly indicated to take it before the workout, as it can rapidly increase the energy availability levels. It's very useful in power sports such as powerlifting or bodybuilding.

Studied in collaboration with the University of Rome, this product is a mix of Creatine Taurinate, creatine glycinate, d-ribose, taurine and lipoic acid with maltodextrin and dextrose.


Let's give a look to the ingredients that make up this mixture in order to better understand its mode of action:

  • Maltodextrin and dextrose, two medium and fast release carbohydrates. The first is useful for releasing energy in the long run, while the second is able to quickly restore exhausted energy supplies after training.

  • Creatine Glycinate® and Creatine Taurinate®, a globe-patented Basalt mixture that is useful in case of a low diet intake. It's much more stable and bioavailable than the normal monohydrate formula. This type of ingredients are aimed at those who want to increase physical performance in terms of intensity and effort. In this regard, in the context of a complete diet and a healthy lifestyle, using creatine combined with specific exercises, encourages the increase of muscle power and strength. The best results can be seen at the last repetitions. We also remember that this patented form does not cause water retention and does not convert into creatinine, the tripeptide metabolism waste.

  • D-Ribose, a glucide that is naturally present in living cells. It's very important for the ATP synthesis which is a source of energy for all vital functions. The consumption of ribose close to physical exercise allows to improve athletic performance, resistance, mental alertness and muscle fibers stiffness. In clinical settings, it helps people suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

  • Glycine, an amino acid involved in multiple processes of our body such as the ATP and proteins synthesis and some ergogenic functions. It's one of the creatine precursors and a necessary tripeptide for normal muscle contraction. Studies show that it can raise the GH (Growth Hormone) levels.

  • Taurine, an organic compound widely used in sports nutrition for its similar insulin effect which is able to mimic the insuline action without needing to ingest carbohydrates, and for its use as a precursor of GABA, an important SNC inhibitory neurotransmitter othat facilitates neural recovery.

  • Alpha Lipoic acid, a powerful universal antioxidant that hinders oxidative stress and cellular aging as well as promoting a better nutrients assimilation.

  • Vitamin B6, a micronutrient involved in the amino acids metabolism which is essential in their complete metabolic use.    


Farmaenergy recommends taking two scoops of product (about 15g) in 250ml of water, 20-30 minutes before physical activity.

Nutritional Facts
300g Gusto Pesca
Servings per container: 20Serving Size: 15g (2 misurini)
Active Ingredients % Daily Value
Valore Energetico58,65Kcal
Carboidrati 12,5g
Creatina (Glicinato e Taurinato)1,95g
Glicina 0,6g
Taurina 0,49g
Acido Alfa Lipoico49,5mg
Vitamina B60,1mg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other ingredients: Maltodestrine e destrosio, Creatina Glicinato® e Creatina Taurinato®, Acido Alfa Lipoico, Vitamina B6.
Istructions: Si consiglia di assumere due misurini di prodotto (pari a 15 circa) in 250ml d'acqua, 20-30 minuti prima dell'attività fisica.

Warnings: Non superare la dose giornaliera raccomandata. Non usare come sostituto di una dieta equilibrata e varia. Tenere fuori dalla portata dei bambini. Si raccomanda dieta varia ed equilibrata e uno stile di vita sano.



2020-02-25 11:30:50
il migliore integratore pre workout da me provato

Per me che sono particolarmente sensibile alla caffeina, questo è il migliore pre-allenamento naturale privo di stimolanti da me provato. Il gusto pesca non è niente di che, è bevibile, ma gli effetti non tardano a farsi sentire... soprattutto per quel che riguarda la lucidità ed il pompaggio in allenamento.

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    ATP FORCE 2.0 Powder 300g

    ATP FORCE 2.0 Powder 300g

    Farmaenergy ATP Force 2.0 is a food supplement powder based on energizing and ergogenic ingredients. It is particularly indicated to take it before the workout, as it can rapidly increase the energy availability levels.

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